Annual Giving Campaign

Several years ago, an outstanding donation was made of a collection of ceramics to the museum, from a couple who lived in New York City. They visited our museum and informed us that they thought ours was one of the best museums in America. Afterwards, they also made a substantial financial gift to the museum and established a fund to support the museum. We want to tell you this because we want you to know what high regard our museum is held in by others around the country.

Although, we have been fortunate to receive support from many sources, it is an ongoing effort to maintain our level of service to the San Angelo community. Last year 65,000 people visited the museum. More than 20,000 children benefited from a wide range of wonderful programs organized by our professional education team. All of our classes are thoughfully designed for specific age groups and are tied into the curriculums of local regional schools. The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts offers over 4,000 hours of programming with nearly 300 programs being offered throughout the year.

In the course of a year, dozens of lectures and music programs, including big band dancing and one of the nation's best chamber music programs, were among 4,000 hours of activity that took place here. Also, more than 100 community meetings and events such as project Head-Start graduation, PTA Meetings and military and university events were hosted at the museum. We collaborated with over 30 different community arts and non-profit organizations to present special programs. One event alone "Night at the Museum" which featured actors from ASU and Be Theatre recreating characters that were in our exhibits, attracted 1,800 people. As a Standard Times article written by the editorial board pointed out, the museum is "Now the city's focal point."

The museum operates on a very lean budget, despite all that it accomplishes. Any donations or support we receive is always greatly appreciated. Your support to the museum truly does matter!