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February 16, 2023 – April 9, 2023

Take a Closer Look: Orna Feinstein and McKay Otto

A dazzling display by two cutting-edge Texas artists: Printmaker/sculptor Orna Feinstein and painter/sculptor McKay Otto

Orna portrait

Orna Feinstein earned her B.F.A in sculpture from the University of Houston, and a diploma in printmaking from the Glassell school of Art. Her work is inspired by the organic and geometric in nature. Feinstein continues to investigate the printing processes using various surfaces, such as fabric, paper, concrete and Plexiglas. These experiments led her to create major sculptural installations and monoprints that move beyond the flat surface of the paper. Her most notable innovative approach to printmaking resulted in 3D monoprints that create depth as well as an illusion of optical movement.


McKay Otto 1

McKay Otto is a Texas-based artist whose work continues to transcend time and space, reaching into the depths of what we all hope will grace our existences: light. Light hovers and bounces around the soft shadows that live among veils of delicately tenuous shades of color. The sculptures reveal themselves differently in the daytime versus in the nighttime, retaining their glow and adding another intriguing layer to the work. Reveling in the beauty of the possibilities of the artistic expression, Otto says, "The work is obsessed with the expression of color, light, and the way we perceive these things."

 Orna 1        Otto 2
Orna Feinstein, Tree Dynamics #29, 2013, 35 x 68 in    McKay Otto at the Delaplaine Art Center, Frederick, Maryland 2022


Orna 2










Orna Feinstein, Twisted, 2012, 84 x 48 x 26 in.


 April 20, 2023 – April 22, 2023

Ceramics Week 2023