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September 2022

Date Night

*September 17th and 24th Date Nights are FULL*



Invited Artist Workshop

Ross Grady

September 17th-18th


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Ross Grady High

Ross has been sculpting, what he considers "seriously," for 22 years. As a small child, he remembers forming birds in a nest out of clay he dug out of an empty lot next door. But a devotion to the art form didn't materialize for many years. In 2000, Ross, who'd been playing drums for decades, was given a gift certificate to a beginners' clay class. Next thing he knew, he'd thrown his drum sticks away and committed himself to sculpting.  


Ross draws inspiration from songs he's listening to, seemingly mundane experiences, and interactions with just about everyone. His art also provides an outlet wherein he is able to creatively vent frustrations and get it out of his system.  


"It was either this or prison. And I don't look good in a dress"- RGH


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