Suzanne Shield-Polk, Texas Sculpture Group

From San Marcos, Texas

Artist Statement:

My work is informed and energized by an appreciation of indigenous culture, eastern philosophy, and love for the earth.  I produce ceramic forms inspired by nature and the human experience using natural and abstract motifs referencing plants, animals, natural forms, and forces. My goal is to express my reverence for the beauty and complexity of the natural world while acknowledging our place within it.  

To see more of my work, please visit my website:  Follow me on Facebook at RocketFire Ceramics and on Instagram sshieldpolk

Artist Biography:

I grew up in Austin, Texas. I studied ceramics at Southwest Texas State University and worked as a production potter in San Marcos.  After completing college in Austin, I relocated to California and embarked on an art department career in the film industry.  I left the film business to teach art and focus on my work as a visual artist. I returned to Texas to establish and head a college ceramics department in Houston.  I have returned to San Marcos in central Texas to open a studio, where I am producing ceramics and mixed-media sculptural forms, and teaching classes and instructional workshops.  My work has been exhibited in Texas and nationally.