Roberto Bañuelos Guerraro

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Catalog

Accession no. 2002.2.1 Type of work: Ceramic
Permanent Collection

Artist/creator: Roberto Bañuelos Guerraro
Variant forms of names: Roberto Bañuelos

Artist biography: This pottery comes from the small Mexican village of Mata Ortiz in the state of Chihuahua. They are examples of a relatively new artistic movement initiated by Juan Quezada. As a young boy Juan roamed the countryside of Mata Ortiz and was intrigued by the pottery sherds he found, which were remnants of the Casas Grandes culture that had flourished between about 1000 and 1400. Quezada taught himself to make pottery and used the designs he found on these prehistoric sherds. His pottery was discovered by others in the 1970’s and quickly became sought after. Today many families in Mata Ortiz have learned to make beautiful pots and in a relatively short time the village has become a mecca for ceramic collectors. This piece was purchased from the artist in the village of Mata Ortiz, Mexico, while on a trip there undertaken by Jack Bleakley.
Bañuelos began making pots in 1987 and has been producing for 15 years He learned by watching his wife’s sister. He uses red, yellow and white clay in his pots. However his distinction is putting very tiny spots of color on the yellow and white pot before the design. He uses the tradition of Mimbres pots with geometric designs. He likes lizards, rabbits, frogs and chameleons, but says clients tend to prefer fish. However he likes all animal and geometric designs. (From an interview in Mata Ortiz, Mexico on 6/13/02 by Becky Cornell).

Title of work: Untitled
Date of item: 2001
Dimensions: 9”h x 13”d; (22.86 x 33.02 cm)

Description: Round bottomed pot from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Red and black paint on a creamy white speckled clay. Geometric patterns with animalistic motifs.
Medium: Ceramic
Country of origin: Mexico

Condition: Good - from Condition Report 12/19/01 
Conservation future: None required from Acceptance Authorization, February 20, 2002.

Provenance: Donated to SAMFA by Jack and Marian Bleakley on December 11, 2001.
Donor information:  Jack and Marian Bleakley
Value: $665.00
Amount on Deed of Gift dated by SAMFA signatory Dated March 15, 2002

History of object: Purchased from artist by Jack Bleakley and donated to SAMFA. Accepted by SAMFA, February 20, 2002.
Credit line: Gift of Jack and Marian Bleakley.

Cataloger name: Karen Zimmerly
Date: August 8, 2005
Sources used: Museum file