Rachel Gardner, Texas Sculpture Group

From Houston, Texas

Artist Statement:

Our modern world does not require physical interaction with the wild and it's creatures.  As city walls form around us, there is a loss of connection to the natural world and ultimately to ourselves as human beings. In my current body of work, both the primitive and the modern world are at battle.  I am visually working to express these feelings through both the connection and disconnection to creation. In my work you may see: white with worn, plastic with rust, and domesticated gone feral. I am challenging the viewer to journey beyond their concrete walls and connect to something greater than themselves.

Artist Biography:

Rachel Gardner is a Houston based mixed media artist that specializes in sculpture and painting. She is best known for her life-size wolf sculptures. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally including New York City, Germany, and Greece.She received her BFA from Stephen F. Austin State University and her MFA from Houston Baptist University. For the past ten years, Rachel has devoted her art to the exploration of both the connection and disconnection to nature in our modern world. She also focuses heavily on the cycles of life through installations and scenes one may witness in the wild. Her primary medium is paper in both two and three dimensions. Rachel is an assistant professor of sculpture at Houston Baptist University. Her home and studio are located in the Houston Heights where she lives with her husband, daughter, and baby boy.