Pablo Alfredo de la Peña, Texas Sculpture Group

From Rowlett, Texas

Artist Statement:

Pablo Alfredo de la Peña is a geometric form artist and sculptor. He enjoys the use of bold and vibrant color, symmetry, perspective, motion, light, and linear design. “I hope my work gives the viewer a few seconds of relief from this world and maybe hope.”

Artist Biography:

Pablo Alfredo de la Peña (Paul) is an internationally renowned abstract artist from Dallas, Texas. Growing up in the northwestern region of the United States, Paul often meditated on the beauty and design presented by his natural surroundings. In his formative years he developed a great appreciation for natural geometric figures and shapes. “From the amazing design of animals to the majestic trees and beautiful flowers, the basic elements of design are awe inspiring,” commented Paul. “The use of the Golden Ratio is seen throughout the natural world and although it isn’t a mathematical approach to always creating great design, it has always helped me produce simple, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing compositions.”