Jeffrey Mongrain

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Catalog

Accession no. 2002.1
Type of work: Ceramic
Permanent Collection

Artist/creator: Jeffrey Mongrain
Artist biography: Jeffrey Mongrain holds a MFA in ceramics from Southern Illinois University and has had solo exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. He is currently a professor at Hunter College, New York, NY.

Title of work: Wrapped Figure
Date of item: 2000
Dimensions: 38.5”h x 12.5”w x 4”d; (88.9 x 31.75 x 10.16 cm)

Description: Wall hanging ceramic piece in the shape of a figure totally wrapped in cloth (mummy-like). The sculpture is made from white clay and has diagonal ridges and lines in the clay that surround the shape. They are emphasized by a deep gray or black coloring and give the impression of folds in a cloth.

Material: clay
Medium: Ceramic
Country of origin: U.S.
Condition: Good - from Condition Report 2/17/05
Conservation future:  None required from Acceptance Authorization, February 20, 2002.

Provenance: Donated to SAMFA by the artist as a replacement piece for his work titled: “Mont Majour Figure,” (1998.3) which the artist borrowed for an exhibition and was damaged beyond repair in transit.
Donor information: Jeffrey Mongrain

History of object:  Donated by artist to SAMFA. Accepted by SAMFA, February 20, 2002. 2
Exhibitions: Exhibited in Terra Firma: Contemporary Ceramics from the San Angelo Museum of Art Collections, Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX, September 2 through October 30, 2005. 

Credit line: Courtesy of the Perimeter Gallery.

Cataloger name: Karen Zimmerly
August 8, 2005
Sources used: Museum file