Christopher Gulick, Texas Sculpture Group

From Wichita, Kansas

Artist Statement:

My artistic focus is the visual kinetics of sculpture.

It is my intention to bring to view…” negative space”.   

My “creativity’ often starts with doodles. I have become very fond of using magazines of fashion, science and design for sketchbooks. I sketch responding to the open air space, indications of motion, shapes within the space as well as the predetermined general aesthetic of the space.

Architecture, machines and the motion of nature are equally inspirational for my work, in that designs come from three basic mindsets: mechanical, organic, and/or a collaboration thereof.

"Depression": is one element in a body of work which has segued to abstraction and dictated a narrative to discuss and “view” if you will, issues regarding mental, physical and spiritual illness. 

"Kaleidoscope": "wearable sculpture” has offered the opportunity to continue work that simply puts a smile on the viewer. Additionally, this medium has aided me to work in collaboration with artists that have shared their experiences to further my skill sets.

"Levered Cymbal Kinetic sculpture":

My observation is that science has determined in studies of microbiology, the atmosphere, the cosmos and theories behind “Dark Matter” that there really is “nowhere” where there is “nothing”.

The sculptures I build are typically non-objective with an occasional departure toward abstraction (i.e., the “addiction” project - Depression)

Materials consist of aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and a variety of steel in the form of rods, wire and sheet. Textiles have become a standard material in several projects as well. Varieties of detritus (wood, metals, plastics, fiber) often find their way into the build, as the aesthetic dictates.

The end goal of the design is to build the work to appear kinetic to the eye, to keep the viewer themselves moving, even when the work is indeed, static.

Artist Biography:

Christopher Gulick is a self-employed Sculptor (30 years) that has exhibited and is collected nationally and internationally.  A life long resident of Wichita, Kansas, he worked as a Senior Technician with AT&T Telco Communications for 32 years.  

He is a speaker in public and educational forums.

As a published author, His short-story book offers true to life tales of his experiences as a telecommunications technician.

His ability to "bring to view…” negative space” is evident in the sculptures being submitted.