Brian Wedgworth, Texas Sculpture Group

McAllen, Texas

Artist Statement:

My work is comprised of different shapes and forms –sometimes fabricated, sometimes found. Using these components I begin to play with different configurations, working with balance and repetition until I find something that just aesthetically feels right to me... Using electrode welding accentuates the seams giving them a scarred or stitched effect, much like our process of learning and growing from that experience.

Artist Biography:

Brian Wedgworth’s work has been exhibited internationally. The solo exhibit Solar Fusion was installed at the Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas, in Matamoros, Mexico. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and has participated over seventy-five group shows throughout Texas and Northern Mexico.  His work is found in several private and public collections throughout the U.S., Mexico and Europe.  Brian Wedgworth is one of the founding members of the McAllen Art Council and plays an active role in the Rio Grande Valley art community.  He is a board member of the Texas Sculpture Group, one of three affiliates operating in cooperation with the International Sculpture Center (ISC).  He maintains Titan Studio located in Harlingen Texas.