Bill Holmberg, Texas Sculpture Group

From Dallas, Texas

Artist Statement:

My sculpture conforms to five elements, guidelines for the construction of the work.

Feels like jazz
Just as jazz, in fact, all music, relies on both notes and the silence between notes, my sculpture uses both objects and the space between the objects. The space between sculptural elements, the negative space, is as important as the steel pieces themselves.

Circular logic 
My sculpture is composed of curved and circular elements.

“What you see is what you see”
This statement by the artist Frank Stella means, to me, the viewer must look at the arrangement of sculptural elements and negative spaces without looking for meaning or metaphor.

My sculpture is made of steel, a strong, changeable and easily assembled medium.

The joy of a good solution
I make work that expresses joy by being the right combination of shapes, interactions and colors.

Artist Biography:

With both a Fine Arts and Engineering education and experience, Dallas artist Bill Holmberg creates abstract steel sculpture as part of a series of more than 60 works including the landscape scale “Circular Logic” series and the smaller “Lyric” series. 

His sculpture “Circular Logic 6” has recently been added to two of his other pieces in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas. In addition he had several works in group shows at the Mary Tomás Gallery and a feature article in the on-line magazine “Voyage Dallas.”  His work has been exhibited in eight juried group shows in the last two years including the Texas Sculpture Group exhibition at Redbud Gallery, Houston,  and 4th Annual Small Works Show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.