Bill FitzGibbons, Texas Sculpture Group Exhibit

From San Antonio, Texas

Artist Statement:

Successful public art informs its environment with a spirit that transforms a place into an aesthetic and engaging experience.  When I develop an idea for a public art project the site is critical to how the work will manifest itself. Also the needs and desires of the individuals that will experience the space are crucial to this formative process. These site specific art pieces are successful only to the extent that they can engage the viewer in a compelling and/or sublime way.

Artist Biography:

Artist Bill FitzGibbons has been creating sculpture for over thirty years; during his career he has completed over twenty five public art projects and performances in six countries including  Reykjavik, Iceland, Helsinki, Finland, Braunschweig , Germany, and  Stockholm, Sweden.  FitzGibbons embraces an environmentally conscious approach to public art through his work with computerized LED lighting systems. 

FitzGibbons honors include being appointed as a Fulbright Artist for the Hungarian Art Academy in Budapest, received a USIA Artist Fellowship to Kuvataideakatemia (Academy of Fine Arts) in Helsinki, Finland, and the Texas State Legislature selecting FitzGibbons as an Official State Artist in 2012.